Blackjack variations and differences between them

There are different types of casino games played across the globe. But the most popular one is Blackjack. This game is known to have several variations. You need to know more about them and their differences.

Five top blackjack variations

  • European Blackjack: In this variation, hole card is not provided to the dealer. This is until the player gets to make the decision on n how to deal the cards. More restrictions are placed on the gameplay’s different aspects when compared to Classic/American Blackjack.
  • American Blackjack: It is also known as Classic Blackjack and is among the widely played variation. When you compare it with the European Blackjack, you will notice a few differences. The first difference noticed is the stage where the dealer receives the hole card. The dealer in American Blackjack variation receives hole card before any decision is taken by the player concerning their hand. Other differences are also noted between both variations concerning the game’s central facets. It includes doubling down and splitting.
  • Blackjack Perfect Pairs: This can be termed to be an instance where side bet has earned immense popularity. It is rather termed as a popularly played blackjack game variation. In this variation Perfect Pairs are offered to players during side bet. This is done before dealing with the cards. In case the initial two cars have similar face card or value, then they get a pair, thus winning the side bet.
  • Blackjack Switch: In this variation, players receive two hands using which they can play separately. It is this particular feature that tends to set this type apart from other blackjack variations. Players can swap or switch their second cards to deal with each hand between two hands.
  • Vegas Strip Blackjack: This variation has derived its name from the famed South Las Vegas Boulevard stretch that boasts of having several casinos and hotels. The variation is considered to be among the most played one on ‘The Strip’.

How Blackjack games differ?

Different blackjack variations tend to differ from one another in different ways. A few differences are mentioned below:

  • Doubling down limitations: A few blackjack variations tend to place restrictions on the type of cards that can be doubled down. For example, in case of European Blackjack, players may double down on gaining totals like 11, 10 or even 9. Players in a few variations may improve their bet by about 100%. On the other hands, others might allow greater flexibility concerning how much bet can the player improve upon. A few blackjack varieties are found to restrict post-split hands doubling down.
  • Soft 17 & dealer’s move: In a few blackjack variations, dealers are to hit soft 17 while other versions require the dealer to stand on soft-17. Concerning basic blackjack strategy, it is considered to be a vital distinction, since for some hands, it affects correct decision.

Number of times splitting is allowed among players

American Blackjack, for instance, permits players to split about three times. This means, 4 hands can be availed in the game. But European Blackjack limits splitting to just a single time per hand, per player.

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